Fatima Movie: Is it worth the watch?

Looking for your next movie night pick? Look no further than Fatima.

This week I sat down to watch the recently released movie - Fatima. My dad had been recommending it all week, but I was hesitant to watch it out of fear of it being done poorly or containing false information. What I found in Fatima though was a pleasant surprise.

Visual of Mary

The first aspect of this film that truly struck me was their rendition of Mother Mary. As someone who has struggled in my relationship with Our Lady, I cannot emphasize how powerful it was for me to have her portrayed in the light she was. In the movie she has a strong, yet compassionate presence and is portrayed to be a loving mother of the three children she appears to. So often religious icons are portrayed as stern characters, but this movie truly strives to capture the loving, motherly heart of Mary. Second, in all of her words Mary points the children to her son, not to her herself - what a beautiful visualization of what true relationship with Our Lady looks like. The children honor Our Lady and show her true fidelity, but Our Lady in turn calls them closer to Jesus. Devotion to Mary is often criticized by non-Catholics, but Fatima attempts to capture the true nature of “to Jesus through Mary” and that alone is an invaluable understanding that can come from this movie.

Note: I recommend watching this movie solely to see a heartbreaking visual of Mary’s pierced heart.

Faith in the Face of Adversity

This movie does tell an inspiring story of trial, redemption, and overcoming our fears. Mary appeared to three children, who were then immediately rebuked and outcast by their family and town. For months these children were verbally attacked and told that they were wrong by religious and non-religious alike. Through the trials of their families health, temptations of the devil, and attempting to make their families proud, these children showed more heroism than I would expect out of most mature adults. This movie can be a source of inspiration for any of us who struggle with the fear of being outcast or persecuted for our faith in today’s present world.

Movie Budget

Usually I am frustrated by religious movies due to the poor acting, cheesy plots, or even the quality of the picture. Fatima went 3 for 3 in avoiding my worries. The quality of the picture was astounding. I paused the movie three times just to point out how clear and detailed the picture was. Secondly, they really pulled out all of the stops for the soundtrack with Andrea Bocelli singing on 3 different tracks. The attention to detail in their cast, plot representation, picture quality, and soundtrack show how seriously this movie was taken.


Now of course no movie is perfect, and I don’t want to focus on critiques too much, but I personally felt more time could have been spent on the promises from Our Lady. That aside, that’s my only critique.

This movie is truly one for our times. Today’s Church is under attack and Fatima reminds us all to stay the course and fight for the truth. We need not fear in the face of today’s persecution of the Church. Instead, we need to stand up and help fight alongside our brothers and sister in Christ to bring to light the truth. So truly, if you haven’t seen Fatima yet, I encourage you to go watch it - you can thank me later.

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