Where I Find God - Larry Fleet

Where do you find God?

If you’re a country music fan, oh boy do I have the song for you. If you’re not a country music fan, oh boy do you need to reconsider your taste in music…. I’m kidding (mostly)!

Recently, a good friend of mine recommended a new artist he had found named Larry Fleet. While listening to him, I was struck by his song Where I Find God. The song applies to many of us right now who are locked out of our chapels and forced to find God in areas of our life that we did not expect to. Today I’m hoping to highlight a few lyrics and themes that I found to be the most inspiring from the song.

Made Mortal

The first lyric I want to highlight comes right after Larry Fleet sings about hitting rock bottom at a bar, it goes:

"I Didn't feel worth saving, but He saved me just the same."

This lyric is what first caught my attention. I think this is a mindset that many of us Christians, myself included, get stuck in: The feeling that we do not deserve God’s love and mercy. We have this image of ourselves being “too far gone” and that we could never become the man or woman that God created us to be. But, as Larry Fleet sings directly after, “He saved me just the same.” We were made mortal, not perfect. We are certain to sin and fall short time and time again, but we must not strive for perfection of our actions. We must strive for a perfection of our love of Christ. When we find this love, the rest will fall into place. This is not to be interpreted as our actions don’t matter, but that discovering the root cause of our actions is far more important. When we discover the root cause of our actions we can identify the true identity of the enemy we need to fight. This enemy comes in many forms, loneliness, pride, even longing for love. When we see how we are responding to this attack with worldly strategies, we see how futile our efforts are. When we surrender to God and understand He offers us all of our needs, we find that our actions now come from Him, not the enemy.

A Limitless God

In my mind, the main theme of this song is how Larry finds God in a variety of settings in his life. These places include fishing, deer stands, and driving down interstates with the window down. I personally think this song is very applicable to our time in quarantine. One of the struggles I’ve discovered from not having access to a chapel is learning how to pray outside of one. I have been lucky enough to have daily access to one for the past four years - now I had to learn how to encounter Christ in my bedroom. It is an adjustment we must all make at this time. Oftentimes we rely on a place of worship as the sole place we pray. When we do this we are forgetting that God is limitless. Christ is not confined by the brick walls of a chapel. He breaks through those walls and offers us the same relationship as He did before. He wants to maintain that intimacy with us and wants us to understand that He lives within each of our hearts, not solely your local church. In this time in quarantine I want to just name a few practices that have helped me “find God.”

  1. Create a “home chapel” - For me this was printing out some holy images, grabbing my mini Pieta statue and a crucifix, and placing them in a corner of my room near a window overlooking my yard. If you find yourself struggling with getting in the mood to pray, set the scene for yourself. I find this corner now puts me in the mindset of prayer and that the images oftentimes lead me into contemplation.

  2. Sacred Scripture - This is a great time to study up on scripture and make it part of your daily life. When you don’t know what to say in prayer, spend time reading over the Word of God. By reading it, you are directly interacting with the Father.

  3. Formed.com - This site is essentially Catholic Netflix. They have great documentaries and movies to watch that will help facilitate your growth.

  4. The Catch - Subtle plug, sorry! Make sure to join a bible study, lectio group, or just keep coming back to read our articles and listen to our podcast.

If you are looking for more specifics on what images, what scripture, or anything else make sure to reach out to us at thecatchcc@gmail.com. We would be happy to help fuel your relationship with Christ during this trying time.

Lastly, make sure to give the song a listen using the following link: Larry Fleet - Where I Find God (Official Music Video)

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