"The Catch" was started by four friends who were passionate about living out their Catholic faith through mission and evangelization. Through our experiences we have developed a desire for an online community to not only help us grow, but for others to grow along side of us too. We created The Catch for this exact purpose: to foster your relationship with Christ and to walk side by side with you through this process.


We are in no way the renowned experts, but we trust in a great quote that a wise man once said, "The Lord has already accounted for your inadequacy." All of us have experience and training in leading studies, expressing our faith through words, and praying with the scripture, and we would love to be a resource to you. Simply put, The Catch is the fruit of our mutual desire as friends to share our life with Christ, one another, and a larger community.


We here have all experienced the fruit that can come from authentic friendship planted in the soil of our faith. We hope to provide a place for you to sink your roots into and find that authentic friendship and love. The name "The Catch" came from the encounter of two fishermen, Peter and his brother Andrew, with Jesus when he says, "Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). The two men leave their boats and family and serve Christ in his mission and we in turn desire to cast our nets into the deep that this is the modern world and "catch" hearts for Christ.  The Catch is the fruit of patient and leisurely/lighthearted riffing, exploring, and attacking things from different angles. Like fishing, a leisurely activity done with friends, sometimes you catch big and sometimes you catch small, and sometimes you lose the line completely and nothing really comes of it. Either way, you spent an afternoon making memories with friends and growing in authentic friendship with them. So the question stands, would you like to come fish with us?

Monika Čuljak

Reflections | Women's Groups

Monika is a soon-to-be school teacher and recent graduate from the University of Illinois. When she isn’t busy lesson planning and talking to middle schoolers taller than her, you’ll most likely find her eating tubs of ice cream, scream-singing Taylor Swift, doodling, or talking about Jesus.


Mary Ponicki

Reflections Author

Mary is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois where she studied Systems Engineering and Design.  Raised in the Chicago suburbs, she now lives in the great state of Texas (yeehaw).  She loves the saints, two-stepping, and traveling - especially to Marian apparition sites.


John Rahimi

Reflections | Movies & Music | Lectio Leader

John is a seminarian from the Archdiocese of Chicago studying at Mundelein Seminary. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 2019 after studying advertising. A self-proclaimed film aficionado, he loves looking for connections between movies and the Faith.


Meet The Team

Michael Adams

Reflections | Men's Groups | Lectio Leader

Michael is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois where he studied Systems Engineering. He is passionate about the formation of men and spent his time in college leading men's groups, as well as mentoring men one on one. Look to him for questions about our Men's Groups, Lectio Divina, or if you enjoy good beer!